Victoria, age 7

So, we’re starting.

Steven and I have been talking about sharing our story for some time now. We’ve danced around the idea for the last couple of months, but I finally jumped in and did it. As you will learn, that’s how we operate. Steven is the idea man, the dreamer, and I’m the executor. That’s how our world keeps spinning.

What’s going on in The Kambo Life right now? Steven started the application process for graduate school. He finally settled on a goal, and wants to pursue his Master’s in Public Administration. This is huge, because it takes a long time for Steven to settle on something long term. He spoke with a couple of education counselors at different institutions and hopefully we’ll hear some good news soon.

Orion, age 3

Me? I finished my first year of medical school last Monday. I struggled, cried, and threatened to quit every step of the way. But I finished, and I have some valuable lessons learned to take into next year. Because I’m an MD/PhD student, I started my second lab rotation this week. I’m working on…. well if you really want to know, send a message! People’s eyes tend to glaze over when I talk science. Just know that I’m so much happier being in the lab, not studying, and being home more.

The kids…. are as resilient as ever. We homeschool year round, so the girls are currently learning about whales and have moved on to fractions. Orion is almost done with the alphabet and phonetic sounds; hopefully we’ll conquer Z today. As I type this,

Blair, age 6

they’re running around outside and avoiding helping to clean the disaster of a house. The first year of med school made us prioritize things, and apparently cleaning wasn’t high on the list. The girls have their final test in gymnastics next week, and we’re hoping that Blair will move up a level. If she can focus. And pay attention. We’ll see.

So that’s what’s going on! Hopefully we can get the hang of this before school starts back up for me in August.

Until next time,
– Adrienne

Easter, 2017

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