Well, as I think longingly of being in my kayak on the Chesapeake Bay at sunrise, another day in the Kambo tribe drifts peacefully (thankfully) toward closure.
Our day began bright and early with gymnastics. On the way there, the children received their standard briefing:

Me: “What do we go at gymnastics children?”
Children: “Pay attention to the teacher, wait our turn, try our best…”
Me: “What do we not do children?”
Children: “Don’t play around, don’t touch other children, don’t ‘gallop’…”
Me: “Do you all want your ice cream reward for doing well?”
Children: “YES!!!”
Yes, they answered the questions well – but actions are everything. So – what were the results?


Victoria – having just eaten her ice cream reward from gymnastics – is playing quietly on ABCmouse.com (her idea, not mine). Meanwhile, Blair sweeps the patio and cleans up toys in the backyard (to earn back her ice cream reward), with Orion quietly doing his best to eat all the fish I made last night.


As I sit her typing, watching Adrienne work dutifully across the room, I consider surprising her with a volley of well-aimed shots from my Megadon nerf gun. Sadly though, my nerf gun is across the room and far out of reach. So she’s safe. For now.
Though these small breaks in our schedules are few, they are so very much appreciated. For while it may clash with the cliched families portrayed on TV, Adrienne and our family never tire of one another; we only want more time together 😊


Admittedly, once the second year of medical school and graduate school ramp up, our fondness of one another makes the pull of our professional careers that much more painful. Undoubtedly though, we wouldn’t change it for anything…except when it’s past 8:00 p.m. Once that clock tolls – it’s time for kids to find their own rooms 😉

Have a great day and wonderful Memorial Day weekend 😃

  • – Steven

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