For Memorial Day, we went to Fort McHenry. Fort McHenry was used to fight wars. There were lots of cannons. I was happy about the cannons because they were super big! There were cells to keep prisoners in. I saw birds and flowers and butterflies. We went down to the cells and we picked flowers. We also saw some bees. I liked that there was lots of flowers and that we got to look around the place. My favorite part about the trip was putting flowers near the cells.


Then we went to a park. There was a big dragon that we could ride! There was a spinning thing that went round and round when we rode it. There were swings and we made new friends. I’m sad that I don’t remember their names. I liked the monkey bars because they were shaped like triangles. We left the park because we had to meet someone at a restaurant.


At the restaurant, I had yummy spaghetti with marinara sauce. Blair had plain pizza. We watched TV and we got to color. We danced and there were jokes on our coloring sheets. We met Grant, who is my mommy’s friend at school. He came to Blair’s birthday party once. I like Grant because he’s funny and he has a dog named Mya, like Mya the Bee. I think that this was a good day and it made me feel happy and excited.

The end!

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