I have an annoying habit of documenting everything. I take pictures, Snap, post on Facebook, I Tweet. I set up these elaborate trips and events for my kids to experience. I blow up holidays, each revolving around the kids. I call myself Mom the Memory Maker. There’s logic behind this, of course. As a girl, I know that we had experiences but I don’t remember them. When I was a senior in high school, we had a project where we had to essentially write our own biography. When everyone brought in their completed assignments, I was amazed at all the pictures that they included. The students had entire scrapbooks of their lives. I had mostly clip art. I knew that I wanted my children to be able to experience their childhood fully, and have images to look back on.

I bought my first camera just before Blair was born. Prior to this, I had been forcing Steven to go to studio photographers to document our life. He hated it. Having a camera allowed me the flexibility to be able to document the kids in their everyday life. While I purchased the camera to be able to take my own pictures, two unexpected things happened. First, I gained a new respect for art and artists. I was never a creative person, at least in my own mind, so to be able to translate images in my head to something that I could share with others was a gratifying experience. Second, I began taking pictures of subjects other than my children. I discovered a new love: photography. I love the time that I have behind the camera so much that I wrote my medical school personal statement from the perspective of photography.

Over the years I’ve read books, watched tutorials, experimented, and grown as a photographer. I’ve been a part of some incredible moments in people’s lives, and helped them to remember them forever. And in my own home, the kids look forward to every holiday, because they have come to expect these great events. We’re currently planning this year’s Halloween theme, and the costume parts are rolling in. As Victoria gets older, she is also spending time with a camera, and is learning how to express herself at a young age. And of course, Steven is happy that we don’t have to pay a photographer anymore.

Until next time,

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